Meet Our Team!

Have you ever wondered who is behind everything here at Indigo Gypsy? Well we are here to tell you! 

First Picture- Brittney! One of the owners of Indigo Gypsy. Brittney is over Social Media and the creative eye behind our photoshoots!

Second Picture- Brooke! The owner of Indigo Gypsy. Brooke is over all distributions on the lovely packages you receive, and helps things stay in order. <3

Third Picture- Katie! Our photographer here at Indigo Gypsy, and the reason why our pictures look so great! Go check out her work at

Fourth Picture- Florina, also known as Flo! Our main model for Indigo Gypsy. We are always thankful that we can call her up for a shoot, and she can make any piece of clothing look awesome! 

Fifth Picture- Hannah! Our newest model for our latest shoot! Hannah is apart of a band with her and her other family members called Blonde River! They are totally amazing and you can check them out here --->!

Sixth Picture- Bayda! She models for us here and there when she isn't watching her newborn. She rocked our clothes with a cute little baby bump in our third photoshoot! and now rocks our clothing after the baby! 

Seventh Picture- Rachel! She models for us whenever she is back in Atlanta. Rachel goes to Georgia Southern, so we appreciate it when she takes the time to come out and support us! Band did we mention how she looked smoking in our Fourth of July Shoot?!

These are just brief descriptions of what these people do for this company and word cannot describe how thankful we are for all the time and effort they all have put into helping this company grow to where it is today. So thank you to all of our models, our photographer and everyone in between. We appreciate everyone of you so much! And thank you to our customers. You are the real MVP's. 


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