Who We Are


In a small coffee shop two women that wanted more out of retail and life, came together. They wanted to create a boutique that was different from the rest. something that meant more than just something to wear. And through that, Indigo Gypsy was born.

We wanted our clothing to be like Indigo. Something that evoked the human through the radiant energy of our fashion. We wanted a fashion boutique that empowers women to be who they are without fear. To have a clothing style that radiated who they were to the world! We combined the free spirit and boundlessness of the gypsy in our style to keep a flow that could cross almost any boundary. 

We have set ourselves apart from other boutiques by having pop up shops rather than a storefront. We believe in traveling and in the nomadic way. Although you can always find us online, we love to travel and pop up our shops whenever and wherever we can. This allows you as customers to experience and feel the clothing style we have to offer. If you are interested in hosting a party you can learn more about it by reading our other journal on Hosting an Indigo Gypsy Party!

We love fashion and we love people, so together we are loving people through fashion! Shop all of our items and experience the Indigo Gypsy way! 

Love, IG



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